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I really dislike Valentine’s Day. It is torture. Even for the little ones…drama over what themed cards to give out, are they cool characters, is there candy attached, is it cool candy? Did mom write them out? Does your child have fine motor skill issues, if so writing them takes days, with illegible results and many tears. It is just another “holiday” to emphasize who has more money, who has more time, who has more advanced kids. Ugh. I am glad that is over. My most embarrassing Valentine’s Day was in high school. Chubby and the invisible bestie to one of the most popular girls in the school… It. Was. Brutal. Roses were purchased and delivered during classes throughout the day. The longest day of the year. Perky, adorable, and loud student council members standing in the front of the classroom delivering the red popularity markers. My friend had so many roses she couldn’t carry them. It was a living rose piechart of popularity. One year… in a delicious and thoughtful gesture… my bestie made her boyfriend buy me a rose. He signed it in a clever way, so I had no idea it was from him. I was thrilled to receive a rose and hopeful it was from one particular boy. Confusion ensued. I am sure you can guess that it did not end with the person of my dreams showing up to declare their love while great 80s music played in the background… no John Hughes movie moment here. It ended with her boyfriend yelling “why did you make me buy her a rose, she doesn’t even know it’s from me!” in a very crowded auditorium. I’m not sure what happened next. I probably ate a pack of Lindys chocolate chip cookies. What I do know is I hate Valentine’s Day to this day. I’m still hoping there might be a day when someone sweeps me off my feet in some ridiculous romantic gesture… but I don’t have high hopes about it. I married someone who hates Valentine’s Day more than I do. Go figure. 

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3 thoughts on “fb flashback

  1. I’ve always thought it was the silliest celebration.My daughter and her husband don’t celebrate it and don’t appreciate the hoopla. My husband has always gotten me flowers and candy through the years and I like that! Although I still feel it’s a bit much. I love the Victorian Valentines with the fabric, doily, paper or paint handmade with love. That’s the coolest! I think the original intention has gotten out of control.

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  2. I am certainly not a Valentine’s fan but I do appreciate the sweet bouquet that is usually purchased from a local florist who does so much for our town. Thank you, T!

    The real story – I felt so badly for the young (very handsome) plumber who, last Thursday, came to our house to install the dishwasher. In our brief discussion, Valentine’s Day came up and he quickly muttered with his hung down a bit “Ohhh, I forgot, I have to get a present.” I said to him, “don’t make a big deal, you don’t HAVE to get a present, something simple”. To which he replied, his wife of 6 months wanted a Louis Vuitton wallet to match her purse!!! To which a small lecture from me ensued…material things, save that money, expectations – the poor guy! Later, I felt badly, it WAS their first Valentine’s as a married couple and so what if she wanted a $1000 Louis Vuitton wallet, they have no kids, and he’s a plumber he’s going to be super busy and successful for the rest of his/their life!

    I want a damn Louis Vuitton wallet, hopefully in my next life!

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