Elf on the Shelf…no more

Today I am finding amazing amounts of joy knowing that Elf on the Shelf is no longer a part of my life. I might have a month of thankful Swoons to write…but I will not be hiding an elf around our home. Gone are the days of channeling every bit of creativity in my body to do something fun and original, feeling a bit guilty that I just never really cared enough to work hard at this new custom. We always fell short to the pinterest-insta-fb moms who must have spent a LOT of time coming up with new adorable things to do night after night.

Hanging from the shades like a rock climber, stirring a pot of hot chocolate, sorting the laundry in the basement…not us…we were low key elf stylists, our elves did not drive the car or shave…no accoutrements, they were just hidden around the house.

We failed at Elf on the Shelf and you know what?

Our kids survived.

I am ridiculously thankful that I have no elf hiding in my near future…I wish peace to those that still do.


Sammy, Lionel, Olivia, and Jacob… better known as SLOJ…grabbing the ABBA model of using first initials to create a band name.

I would have forgotten all about the Thanksgiving band SLOJ if it were not for a memory popping up on my husband’s fb account. Unfortunately, unlike ABBA, SLOJ lasted about 2 hours. They broke up due to school commitments…and having the collective attention span of…about 2 hours.

I love these moments. End of a celebration, vacation, reunion…the lovely period when most people have left, and you can just savor those still around. This bit of genius between cousins went like this, as noted in the fb post:

Jacob (orange shirt): We’ll be the biggest band of all time! Bigger than Oasis, who said they were bigger than the Beatles!
Lionel: (red pants) And the Beatles said they were bigger than Jesus!
Sam (hat): So we have to start small, and get bigger than Jesus.

Out of the mouths of babes…babes who have since turned into men…who are able to look back and appreciate the brilliance of an innocent moment. I am thankful for memories from others, things I would have forgotten if they had not found them special enough to save.

SLOJ…Olivia on drums, Sam on base, Jacob lead vocals, Lionel on guitar.

Too tired…

I am too tired to Swoon, which is ridiculous because I have lived 3 days of swoon-worthy experiences. I am thankful this month is almost over and I will once again swoon when I am feeling it…instead of it feeling like a chore. I am thankful for Swoons, I am thankful for you. I am thankful.


the mini vacation from work…being together again…surviving the day two, back together again, family explosion of misunderstandings…baking many pies…shopping then shopping again…mourning those we have recently lost…mourning those who have been gone for a while…celebrating with extended family and friends in our midst…chatting over wine…baking with my Olivia…setting the table with my Jacob…watching mom cook her speciality items…reworking the menu yet again…visiting the NYBG train show…smelling cool air…a revolving door of people, thankfully all who believe in science and are multi vaccinated…preparing for tomorrow which will be over in a flash…

for all of this, and more…I am thankful.

Staten Island Ferry and Terminal at the NYBG Train Show

Bathroom Buddies

Each day I am thankful for the five minutes of peace I get while in the bathroom. My pretty pretty bathroom. Lately Jasmine has decided she can not live without me for those five minutes, so I often have the dog with me. Today, both cats decided they wanted to join the party. Because you know, what is better than one pet in the bathroom with you when you could have three. Somehow they closed the door behind themselves and spent the rest of the time pacing and trying to figure out how to open the door again. I guess it was not as much of a party as they thought it would be.

When my kids were little, alone time, even in the bathroom just never happened. It was a family affair…answering questions, opening markers, prying apart legos…there are some things that just can not wait. I guess the bathroom zoo is my new reality.

It could be worse. I am thankful my fur babies love me.


Countdown to Thanksgiving…a repeat thankful post previously on FB with a few added sprinkles.
I am thankful for my brother and sister. We are brilliantly different and we don’t all interact often…we but when push comes to shove we are like the Avengers and use our individual talents to take on any issue. Super powers are so much stronger when combined. Fire Island, Key West, 140 Hollywood, the Club/Dock, Bohjalians, Drewes, and Muenches…the three of us are the only ones who get it…I adore that we had those experiences together. I am thankful for my new siblings…talking, cooking, working, celebrating, adoring, and parenting with you makes my life so full and joyful. I am thankful for the siblings I created. May you always love each other enough to be patient and kind, you two are a dynamic duo when you choose to be.
I am thankful for siblings.

Fire Island 1975?

Thankful 3.0

Some days I am too busy being alive to plan out my thankful swoon, too many things to be thankful for, too tired to write. Swooning daily for a month is an undertaking, one I am trying so hard to be true to. Today I am thankful I am 21 days in, and I have not missed a Swoon. I am thankful for a nonstop weekend of family and chores and work and more chores and more family. I am thankful to feel so alive.