Gifts…2022 edition

The season of giving is here and it has been a unique one for me. Our family has decided to cut way back, we really need nothing. A few token gifts, no overstuffed stockings, just small reminders that we see and love each other. When not spending time purchasing stuff, ones head becomes more clear.Continue reading “Gifts…2022 edition”

Reach for the Sky

‘Tis the season… for some the giving is everything, to others the getting is what it’s all about. Another season of doing what makes you happy. If you are a giver, bless your soul, go for it and enjoy. If you like to receive, I hope you do, and if you don’t…go treat yourself…you deserveContinue reading “Reach for the Sky”

Cootie Catchers

Cootie Catchers: Swoon 55 Do you remember Cootie Catchers, those little folded fortune tellers…pick a color or animal, then a number and poof…your future would be blurted out for all to hear. Who are you going to marry…a short rich man or a handsome cowboy, or Tommy (standing right next to you turning more purpleContinue reading “Cootie Catchers”