Gifts…2022 edition

The season of giving is here and it has been a unique one for me. Our family has decided to cut way back, we really need nothing. A few token gifts, no overstuffed stockings, just small reminders that we see and love each other.

When not spending time purchasing stuff, ones head becomes more clear. I have been noticing other kinds of gifts, the kind that cost nothing.

The choir singing holiday favorites. Awaiting the last stanza where all the harmonies intensify and my favorite soprano belts it out so loud the heavens can hear. I never sing the last line of a hymn at a Christmas service. I listen and let the music fill my soul.

Articles that somehow appear in magazines or my feeds with exactly the guidance, recipes, or information I need. Some people might call it data mining. I call it the much needed gift of magic.

Watching my kids figure out the world and grow. It is hard being a parent. I tend to give and do too much. I tend to do this with everyone, not just my kids but that is a different swoon. Listening and laughing with my daughter as she reads me articles on bettering ourselves. Baking with her for two solid days. Walking into two sparkling bathrooms that she just cleaned. Reading about independent projects our son is working on during his off time from his actual job. Having him shop for us and fill our airbnb with goodness. These gifts give me hope that even though I probably did too much for them…they will be just fine on their own.

Friendship…the mutual choice between people to invest in another human. It seems there is always a new medical, family, job, kid, or pet issue to be discussed. A new batch of positive energy needing to be sent out into the universe. The gift of having people who really know you, who are always ready with wise words and strength when needed. We support, we encourage, and we love each other…unconditionally.

Walking my little man to school, red plastic nose strapped on his face, blinking in the rain. Wearing reindeer pajamas…ears, antlers and all. It’s pajama day at school, he has been talking about it for a week. He prances, he sings, and before he walks in the school he asks me… do you love the painting I made for you of mittens?, I reply, I do I do, I love love love my mitten painting so much. He tells me he knew it and there are just two days until Christmas. We have been counting the days since Thanksgiving. He is a gift every day.

On my walk home I listen to the rain and wind instead of a podcast. I look down and I see some love…right there on the sidewalk. I choose to see it as a sign from the universe that with less noise and stuff…there is more room to love ourselves. Loving ourselves is the most important gift, it gives us the clarity to love others.

Happy Holidays. Wishing you all peace.

Published by Kat

A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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