Chess, life, and pie

Chess, life, and pie: Swoon 15

We needed some baked treats for a mini college reunion/poker night. The dog needed to go out. The Kat needed her coffee. So we took a walk… and I learned a life lesson.

Our local bakery is owned by the most remarkable young man, his name is Q. At around 25 he opened his own shop and between his delicious baked goods, beyond insane work ethic, and over the top beautiful personality he has made it work. He puts in crazy hours yet still has time to coach local basketball teams and remember everybody’s name.

Somehow Q heard that my husband liked chess, or maybe he just thought my husband looked like a guy who like to play chess. One day Q popped out of the bakery and asked Greg if he would ever like to stop in for game. Of course he would, but life is busy and this has not happened… yet.

Today, while Q packed up our treats he told me his philosophy on chess…
“It is like life, you know? I am the king of my life, I need to treat my people well. I need to make decisions to keep my brain active. I need to think and solve problems.”
I was right with him… hmmmm, maybe I am a chess person.
“With chess, you can not act on emotions, do you play chess?”
I crack up laughing and say nooooooooo… and that is exactly why.

My emotions can get the best of me… maybe I need to take up chess. Maybe Q should have his own blog. So smart, talented, and wise at such a young age.

Dad teaching me to play chess… it didn’t take.

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