Blessings: Swoon 18

Do you ever get nervous after thinking “hmmm everything seems to be going well at the moment”… I do because every time I think wow, this is great…something crashes.

The other day I thought to myself go you… you have been posting swoons daily and people seem to be responding…thank goodness for FB because that is how everyone finds the new swoons.

Facebook cut me off this morning. Someone reported a swoon as “against community standards” which seemed to red flag my page of swooning posts… and now they are gone. 😦

So after many questions to FB, much advice from friends, and a really nice guy at WordPress I am hoping I jumped through enough hoops that my FB swooning family sees this, and if they do I promise to never think a happy thought again 🙂

If you can’t see this through FB but are visiting this page, please enjoy this piece of art. It explains exactly how I feel about the social media police. I figure if glitter and hope are bad, maybe this route is good? Hand sewn and collaged by the fabulous Ella Ritts who can be found at She is brilliant and most of her work is very different from this little bit of snark. That is not a happy thought… it is a fact.

Asshole, 2014 by Ella Ritts. See her bright brilliant painterly work at

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