Full House

Full House: Swoon 20

I love me a good full house. Holidays, birthdays, high school plays, “kids” home from their new lives… all good reasons for a full house.

Today the troops arrive from CA for many occasions… a play in Manhattan featuring Ella’s sister-in-law, the HS play and reunion of friends, a few birthday celebrations… yum.

“Mom… can x come for dinner, is it ok if x stays over for a few nights, are we still having the HS play opening night party?” “Mom… do we have extra tickets for the play, can I invite people” (a silly question, of course we have extra tickets… I bought Purell sanitizer when there were shelves of sanitizer).

My mom just asked “Kat, what is going on?”

Oh my gosh, my poor mom. I have been whirling dervish (Armenian version) the last few days. Grocery stores at 8:15 am. Boxes of wine and bourbon. Cleaning, straightening out, phone calls, laundry, two full refrigerators, getting rooms made up, planning for plays, parties, celebrations with family and friends… swoon.

I love me a full house. Breakfast buffet every morning… everyone in pjs, morning hugs and loves in the kitchen. Sit down dinners, games, laughs, cuddles. Staying up late, feeling old but refusing to go to bed. Oh my gosh, I love it. The mess, the abundance of very large shoes all over, the waiting in line for the bathroom, the dishwasher running numerous times a day. The excessive everything. The noise. Bliss.

It will be over so unfairly fast. I will pick them up at the airport… and before I can blink I will be driving them back to the airport. Home. Quiet. Peaceful. Bliss.

When shoes were tiny.

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