“Old stuff”

“Old Stuff”: Swoon22

Some of my favorite bonding moments with my “other mom” Evie are over her “old stuff”. When visiting, I will pick up tinware from the 30s, a potato masher from the 40s, games from the 70s, and Tupperware from the beginning of Tupperware. She will witness my glee and giggle (as gals do… yes, she is still a gal in her higher 80s), put her arm around me, give me a squeeze, saying “you sure do like old stuff don’t you”. Delivered in her Fargo lite SD accent (note all the o sounds in there) it is delicious.

Early in my visits to Iowa (age 19) I swooned over their mitten box. It was a cylindrical container, large enough for mittens for 5 kids. It was previously a potato chip package and had brilliant typography. It sat in the hall closet, it was spectacular. I of course gushed over its beauty…swooning before swooning… and hearing me from the kitchen Evie said something like what box are you talking about? She came around the bend to see me admiring the old potato chip container, she cracked up, who on earth would love that old box? Well I did, and she remembered it. Years later I received that very potato chip packaging as one of my Christmas gifts. It is cherished to this day, right on the shelf in my bedroom, holding my scarves.

As I walked my guy to school recently I noted a bright and groovy shirt box from the 70s… out for bulk pick up. I was so disciplined and walked right past it. It was misty rain. It was a box. I need no more old stuff. On the way home, I thought of Evie. I thought of my potato chip packaging… and I removed that 70s box from the trash…saving it from a wet and ugly death. It dried out and I am thrilled to pieces with my save. It currently sits on a shelf in my studio next to a Coca-Cola crate from when coke was sold in bottles.

As it turns out, my old floral box was from “The Variety Shop” in Pleasantville, way before my time here. I asked about it on the Village’s historic FB page, the responses and comments were so happy, so positive, so delightful. Memories. Memories created from old stuff. Swoon.

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