The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour: Swoon 29

I wrote this swoon more than two years ago as I was driving across the country with my son… to his new life in California. We called it “the very belated maternity leave road trip”. I highly suggest a road trip across the country at some point in your life, probably now is not the best time… but someday. I post this now because we are living in the unknown, we are scared, we want to be closer to family, we are missing our freedom to do as we wish. I am in no way saying my story is the same the hardships you are experiencing, I am just pointing out that sometimes there is some good in the unknown.

October 2018: I was a pretty anxious kid… on the inside… outside I seemed to have it all figured out. A “what if” worrier. What if we are late, what if there is nobody I know, what if everyone else has jeans and I have a skirt kind of thing. I was also a complete unorganized slob, and a wait til the last minute to study/homework person, which does not exactly help ones nerves.

Freshmen year of college I realized that organization, time management, and healthier choices helped my nervous nature a lot. I still get nervous… but bad things have happen and I have survived. My dear dad died, I had a precancerous tumor, my business partner and I split, friends got ill, kids had difficulties, Greg went back to school. Life could not be predicted, and life would not be perfect, life just went on.

A few years ago, when nervous, I started saying to myself “it will all work out”, and I have learned, it does. It might not be perfect, but it works out… and sometimes a happy moment arrives because something else was missed.

Omg why this story… because getting in the car at the start if this cross country adventure, out of the blue my 22 year old looks at me and says “you know what my life philosophy is…IT ALL WORKS OUT. I realized it in school, running the haunted house at MICA, and having my own apartment…it just all works out”.

Yesterday, we travel a little out of the way to eat at a frontier restaurant we had researched. The first saloon in Colorado, a real experience with real food. We walk up to this amazing building, the entrance was a huge iron gate, a gate with a sign taped on it that said… Closed for lunch only, Monday October 15th. Come again.

Tired from many days of driving, disappointed at our miss of a one time thing… we drove on. Moods improving while traveling through endless mountains, listening to great music, and arriving at Arches National Park before dusk. No lines of cars, no exhaust fumes, no entrance fee. Driving the loop, not a care in the world, it was joyous. Ending up at “the windows” at the most amazing light of the day… the golden hour… empty, quiet, perfection.

It all worked out.

Two years later… I am happy to say… his California adventure is still all working out.

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