Way Back When

Way Back When: Swoon 31

Way way back… when things like hugs were welcomed and stores having toilet paper was taken for granted, I wrote the blurb below.

Dads and moms walking little kids to school, a huge hug before separating. Middle School kids with instruments and backpacks running to catch up with a group of friends. High Schoolers all dressed for spirit week, joyous in their outlandish outfits. Taking pictures arm in arm, spectacular.

This is the season of jackets in the morning and shorts in the afternoon. Of appreciating every warm sunny moment before the cold. The time of trying new activities like Scouts, youth group, dance, art, sports… a fresh start. The announcement of the HS play brings excitement and chatter. Panther football jerseys are the Friday fashion, and kids practice tackling each other on the lawn before being called into class.

There are tag sales and “take what you want for free” tables. The farmers market explodes with people, fresh goodness, and the annual pie eating contest. Long walks and picnics with friends at Rockwood, enjoying sunset on the Hudson. The Ragamuffin Parade and after celebration is anticipated, trick or treat walks and gatherings planned. Walking to town for dinner, eating outside, and people watching. Welcome back hugs at church after so many Sundays at the beach. Going to the JBFC for the latest movie opening. Meeting up with friends after a summer in different directions… book clubs, art openings, the new theater season at Arc Stages. No place, no person, no thing is perfect… but Pleasantville in the Fall… swoon, it comes close.

How very strange that we can no longer do any of these things. None.

Having a little friendly dog means chatting with strangers, which leads to getting tangled in the leashes of the dogs… we laugh, a bit too close for strangers to be, but you know, dogs… you just go with it. No longer. Today, every time someone walking their dog saw me, they crossed the street. If they did not cross, then I did. There are no hugs, there are no high fives, we are people just walking because there is nothing else to do. We walk, soaking up the sun, breathing the beautiful cold air… waving at each other with a well this is weird expression. We hope to make it to next Fall, we hope friends and family do the same. We hope we can get back to the times… way back when… when connections included touch.

Stay well all.

Way back when…

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