Hi again!

It’s been a while. Thanksgiving sans 30 guests, the growing pandemic, family scattered across the country, long winter days…it has been tough and not much of a swoon-inspiring time. Each day in November I do a FB post about something I am thankful for…it might be my morning coffee or having healthy friends and family…nothing is too big or too small. This little exercise took up the writing slot in my brain, but now I am back…until I am not. I am beginning to learn that one has the right to feel their feels and do as they do. As they say…it is what it is.

I was recently asked to be a guest on a podcast about creativity. Pre-March Kat would have been stressed, insecure, and thinking why on earth would they want to talk to ME. Post-March Kat is like, ok um, sure, why not? We will chat, I like to chat. We will explore what creativity is, which can only be fun. I really didn’t think much about it until I was asked for a bio and headshot. Now, that is a problem. I have neither.

Who am I? Am I Pre-Pandemic Kat…who had a flourishing business; who whipped together insta dinners; who had professionally painted blue toenails and smooth brown hair? Or am I Pandemic Kat…who cooks lavish dinners and pies, and then some more pies; who produces community Covid-safe experiences and virtual holiday gatherings during her “work day”; who has experienced less hair care and pampering in the last 9 months…than her dog. If I only plan on being Pandemic Kat for another 4-6 months (one can hope) am I really her? After much thought, the truth is, I am Pandemic Kat…I am forever changed.

Swoon, on to the hard part, the headshot.

After taking more selfies than any truly self-obsessed teenage girl (sans the fish lips), I notice my newly acquired wrinkles, gray hair, and puffy eyes. So here we go again, do I use an old headshot or do I embrace the current me? I used to work for a hospital where a huge, I mean hugely huge donor insisted we use a headshot that was at least 35 years old. She was well into her ninth decade, we were living in the late 90s, and her photo was from way back when her groovy Lilly Pulitzer dress…was the height of fashion. I didn’t get it, why not use a more recent photo? Now I totally get it. We are one person in our minds, and another that the world sees. I have aged this past year, which makes sense, I have been sadder than ever before, so it only makes sense that those hardships would show. I have also been pretty impressed with the resilience our family has shown during these nutty times…and with that, I will choose to focus on the growth…wrinkles and all. I will embrace my new headshot…at least for the podcast needs.

I hope you are well. I hope you are able to find bits of goodness in this incredibly odd time…that is all we can do. If you want to experience the podcast feel free to tune in, I think it is this Sunday, not totally sure. Now that the bio and headshot is done I am back to not overthinking it…which is a nice perk of being Pandemic Kat. https://www.iamcreativephilly.net/podcast

Pandemic Kat… in all her glory.

Published by Kat

A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

6 thoughts on “Hi again!

  1. I’ve been going through Peri-menopause. Think I’m the only one left. I have been fickle about it. But once the pandemic hit, I have embraced my age and my looks. I kinda feel like a butterfly now. How do they say it? unapologetically Me! Kat, you are and have always been Gorgeous inside and out! Pre & post pandemic. xoxoxo


  2. I believe that is one of the most beautiful shots I have even seen of you and I have seen and even taken many (you being one of my favorite subjects in my photography class). Lucky you, you get to be two, possibly three people in this lifetime…Pre-pandemic Kat AND Pandemic Kat! Now, I can’t wait to see the Post- pandemic Kat! Sooo much to look forward to this spring!

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    1. Apropos quote I received…Somehow, we’ll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.
      —Brandon Sanderson

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