The Glimmer of 2021

Last year at this time my daughter was working as a production assistant at the New Years Eve Spectacular in Times Square. Unpacking hats, moving pallets of boxes from one block to the next, guarding lines leading to pop stars taking selfies with fans…a little NYE elf in her I love to celebrate everything glory. Olivia began asking to go to Times Square on NYE as soon as she could talk…and year after year, her completely selfish parents (who had no desire to experience that living hell) told her to make a plan to tackle that wish on her own…and as soon as she was old enough…she did. After experiencing the ball drop and confetti surround her in the center of the madness (video below)…and achieving a life goal…she arrived home and declared “2020 is already THE BEST YEAR EVER”. Ummmmm.

I already feel a bit bad for 2021…we are expecting way too much of it before it even starts. It’s being declared the comeback year, a miracle, the year of back to normal. Wanting something so very bad almost always leads to disappointment. One of my learns from 2020 has been that not expecting much from holidays…has led to really awesome holidays. I am officially expecting nothing.

In 2021 famous people will die…Mick Jagger is almost 80, Sophia Loren is 87, it is not a curse that old people die. We will have storms and our snowblowers will break, normal. I hate to point this out…but the government is not going to start working just because it is 2021…politicians cannot make decisions, they refuse to work together, and most really do not care about the people they represent…this too is nothing new.

For people who believe in science and the reality of this virus…2021 will not be the year of going back to concerts, lingering dinners in restaurants, live theater, parties, family gatherings for the holidays. We will continue Zooming, protecting the people we love, and respecting the health care workers who are beyond overburdened. It will take a long time for the vaccine to be administered to those choosing to take it. People will continue to ignore facts and innocent people will continue to die. All of this is super sad, but maybe if we know what to expect, it won’t sting so much.

I am counting on 2021 being another year of growth, where I appreciate the quiet that comes with not having much work, learn new crafts, and tackle difficult recipes. A year where I embrace cleaning my own home and cooking nightly dinners instead of relying on others. Where I live in the moment…and listen more than I speak. FaceBook memories from years past will remind me not to take moments with those I love for granted…and that hugs are the best, the very very best. I promise to cherish each and every phone call, FaceTime, and distant game night with my family…because nothing is guaranteed.

That is it…that is the secret, no matter the year…nothing is guaranteed, nothing is forever, and you can’t count on something happening just because it always has. Go in to 2021 with your eyes open, knowing that things will never be perfect, and normal is in the eyes of the beholder.

Wishing you peace.

New Years Eve 2019…watching this madness from my couch…knowing my 5 foot daughter is down there somewhere.
Some people would take a selfie…others want everyone to experience the goodness. Swoon. NYE 2019, Times Square, video by Olivia Nemec.

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