Taking the Leap

Yesterday we worked on our potted gardens, planted the lettuces and some tomatoes, and put annuals throughout the flowerbeds…a liddle pop of kul-la. A year ago I was not a gardener, now I find the dirt comforting. Next, an outing with my guy where we ended up eating falafels in a quaint town, in the sun, just us…an odd sensation after a year of masks and distance. Spring Saturdays are reaffirming for me, it doesn’t matter if I am cleaning, playing scrabble, or planting, I feel alive. It is so good to feel alive.

This morning I started my seasonal ritual of no processed carbs or sugars until my birthday. Embracing the season, debulking, unpuffing, and a way to feel good in my little summer dresses. In addition to this dietary cleanse, I push myself to get out and exercise. To some this comes naturally, not me. I woke up knowing today was the day. Take the leap…earphones, sports bra, sheer glee at not having to wear a mask while in wide open spaces, Green Day…check.

Green Day’s American Idiot is my spring into Spring exercise go to. The musical lover in me enjoys the pace, the progression…the story. Raising my arms and pounding the air to the beat of the music…walk, run, walk…move it. I am flying high and I have not dropped from exhaustion, win win.

I used to laugh at myself, an old woman trying to shed winter indulgences while using Green Day as her exercise mix…they would be horrified…until I saw the documentary Broadway Idiot. Do you ever love something so much, that when you try and explain it to people your enthusiasm is just oozing out of every pore…and they just want you to stop talking so they can run away. I feel like that is my experience every time I tell people to watch this documentary. Eyes rolling so far back in their heads…they may never see again.

Have I mentioned that I love this documentary? Oh I do I do…it is all about the creative process, collaboration, trust, and the ability to take a leap. It’s about opening doors to a whole new world. The crazy thing is, it is a world Billie Joe Armstrong knew as a kid…and probably the reason my gut told me American Idiot had the pace of a musical…well well before it was one. He embraced appealing to a completely different (old) audience, and he fell hook, line, and sinker into the world of musical theater.

Billie Joe Armstrong’s entrance as St. Jimmy in American Idiot on Broadway is a goosebumps galore, sheer bliss moment. The electricity in the room was beyond. He was humble, he was scared, he was stepping out of his comfort zone…he was human…taking a leap into the unknown. He was also big and bold, he owned it…enjoying every moment of feeling alive. Swoon.

My Olivia, she was always the first to take the leap, adolescence changed that a bit, but I see her spark coming back lately. Swoon.

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