Four hours into today and it has been chock full of goodness…tea outside in the garden with the birds; a visit to Rockefeller State Park to see the peonies; a game of Scrabble where I kicked the Scrabble champion of this household’s butt; and some early dinner prep, marinating chicken so it’s super delicious later…all by 10:59am. Swoon.

I had my first experience with a vertigo episode on Friday. I had three meetings planned and a day and a half of work to do…my body told me otherwise. I woke up, twirled out of bed, and collapsed on the floor. Spinning, spinning, how did the floor get on the ceiling, It was horrifying. Picturing myself in Royal Wedding, dancing on the ceiling with Fred Astaire, but fearing it was more like a scene from Trainspotting…which I have never seen but heard was pretty gruesome.

A day of this led me to believe that this would be my life forever, I would just spin and stare cross-eyed at the walls trying to make them stop moving. Crawling from place to place seemed good enough for dogs, sigh. Since my usual solution of mind over matter was not working, I took to YouTube… and thanks to a few exercises that involved throwing my body around and counting to 30 numerous times; taking the day off; advice from friends; and extreme hydration…I began to feel sort of human by day two. Thankful that the spinning had stopped.

Spinning…why does it take being ill, or having people I love in pain, to remind me to stop spinning about things that just do not matter. Why don’t I spin less and cherish more?

Today I will cherish…I’m sure I will also be annoyed at something…but I plan on stopping the spin into that dark place…to reset, regroup…and cherish the moment.

Cherish your today.

Published by Kat

A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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