Why are we going to the living room? Why does she bark? Why did you get a new blue house? Why is there no Greg? Why do you play with me? Why is the cat? Why do you have so many Legos? Why do we walk to school? Why is there no sidewalk? Why don’t I ride a bus? Why are we on line? Why is my mask rainbows? Why are there germs? Why is that girl in front of me? Why is that boy going behind us? Why am I in Kindergarten? Why does it rain?


Up until this morning at 7:20am my list of “all things why” consisted of things like… why do my dear friends keep experiencing such hardships…why didn’t we put my wedding dress on a high shelf when our basement tends to flood…why don’t people believe in climate change when the evidence is so so so very clear…why is it so hard to stay committed to hard stuff…why can’t I appreciate both the quiet and busy, knowing it will not always be one way?


I like my new little guys list of “all things why” better than mine, most of his have answers. Because…that’s where the toys are…that is how she says hi to you…I was tired of the color beige…he is in the shower…I like you…we like cats…Legos are the best and should fill every house…driving in Pleasantville is insane…they are building a house and the construction vehicles crushed it…people who live close by don’t get busses, a perk and a curse…to check in…your mommy wants you safe and thinks rainbows are pretty…no clue, I have no clue why there are germs, but we need to respect them…she got here before us…he is polite and getting on line behind us…you are a big guy and Kindergarten is for big guys…so the grass, the trees, and the flowers can grow.

Why did I agree to watch another little man before school?

Yesterday, I would have rolled my eyes and said because I am a sucker for wonderful parents who need a break. Today, I have a different answer. I think it is because deep down I know there is nothing better for my soul than to see the world through the eyes of a 5-year-old.


Cleaning Legos after the flood…and before little guy 2.0 shows up

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A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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