The Great British Baking Binge

It’s back and I have been bingeing. It is actually not possible to binge, they are releasing episodes one week at a time, like olden days…when we had patience because we had no other choice. I love The Great British Baking Show, everything about it. It is an exercise in listening, using existing knowledge, and thinking out of the box. It tests working under pressure, handling disasters with grace, and taking constructive criticism. The contestants are not cut throat, loud, or manipulative. So unAmerican, the anti-Survivor, I am in awe.

Every season I fall in love with one contestant. The 17-year-old redhead who blushes every time the camera is on him; the lady who exercises while waiting for her bakes to bake; the young girl who is so poised and well beyond her years, it is almost impossible she could be creating such masterpieces. This season I really am having a hard time picking a favorite, kudos to the casting team, there are so many lovely talented people in one tent, I would be happy if any of them won. That is a lot coming from a very opinionated woman.

Can we talk about the kitchens…hello…my colors, mixer, bright teal fridge, sigh swoon sigh, my dream kitchen, I just need a proving drawer. I think I might tackle bread if I had a proving drawer. For a bit I thought I had been saying proofing all wrong, but in fact, it is proving or proofing. Say as you wish, I’m going English.

Too stodgy, even layers, nice lamination, good flavor…their comments in my mind as I bake. Those accents, praising or disappointed, I listen for them as I work.

Last Christmas Eve, late in the day, preparing for a dinner for 4 instead of 12, I decided to make a Yule Log/Jelly Roll. With none of the proper (proper said in an English accent), tools I just went for it. Baking my thin layer of cake, getting it out of the oven quickly, spread that jam, using my parchment to roll it…very little cracking…it was a triumph. The buttercream was over whipped and separated, my bad, I covered my mistake with confectionary sugar, raspberries, and served it. Paul with a bit of a smirk, hands in pockets, looking from the cake to me and back to the cake. Prue rocking some amazing glasses and dressed like a rainbow. I can hear them…nice laaayers, good flavor, I like the hint of lemon with the raspberries, lovely to look at, but too bad, it is really too bad about the buttercream, such a shame…almost there.

I am thankful for the loveliness of the Great British Baking Show.

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2 thoughts on “The Great British Baking Binge

  1. Pyle Family Fav! We love love love GBB! Best is the “prize” at end is a nice bouquet of flowers, maybe a small tray! Such a lovely show of shared passions and humility


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