Sammy, Lionel, Olivia, and Jacob… better known as SLOJ…grabbing the ABBA model of using first initials to create a band name.

I would have forgotten all about the Thanksgiving band SLOJ if it were not for a memory popping up on my husband’s fb account. Unfortunately, unlike ABBA, SLOJ lasted about 2 hours. They broke up due to school commitments…and having the collective attention span of…about 2 hours.

I love these moments. End of a celebration, vacation, reunion…the lovely period when most people have left, and you can just savor those still around. This bit of genius between cousins went like this, as noted in the fb post:

Jacob (orange shirt): We’ll be the biggest band of all time! Bigger than Oasis, who said they were bigger than the Beatles!
Lionel: (red pants) And the Beatles said they were bigger than Jesus!
Sam (hat): So we have to start small, and get bigger than Jesus.

Out of the mouths of babes…babes who have since turned into men…who are able to look back and appreciate the brilliance of an innocent moment. I am thankful for memories from others, things I would have forgotten if they had not found them special enough to save.

SLOJ…Olivia on drums, Sam on base, Jacob lead vocals, Lionel on guitar.

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