Fran(s): Swoon 27

I like people named Fran.

My first Fran was one of the most gracious woman ever. She could hug like no other. She was an amazing business woman, mom, wife, host, and friend…her laugh was infectious. She was a person you could count on, the first words out of her mouth were always, what can I do. She raised three beautiful daughters that have the manners of those born of a different era. Walking into her house meant being welcomed with open arms and shown to the living room, where you were offered a fresh shaken cocktail. Fran did the hospitality badge with our Girl Scout Troop. She taught them how to make canapés and drinks, to serve and make conversation, 16 tween girls…she was a saint. Fran passed away to soon. Fran was magic.

My second Fran is one of the strongest women to walk the face of the earth. Fran has beaten multiple strains of cancer. She is more educated about treatments and procedures than most doctors, and spends much time researching new developments for her current battle. Fran never complains, she never gives up, she is positive, she shares her knowledge with others in need, and is both spirited and sassy. She is always there for her family, friends, clients… and for those fighting the cancer fight. Fran is magic.

My third Fran is a dear friend from college. I used to think he was scary…he is just deeper than anyone I have ever known. He married my besties little sister and that made me swoon. He is a crazy talented filmmaker and writer, and a beyond brilliant musician who makes his own musical instruments. He creates costumes and sets for his kids plays, a dad who really knows his kids. He does all of this in his spare time when not at his job. A true artist. Fran has been through a lot, he rolls up his sleeves and moves on. He is steadfast, a friend through thick and thin. Fran is magic.

My three Frans.

My first Fran’s memorial card… give it a try…swoon.

Published by Kat

A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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