Swapping Goodies

Swapping Goodies: Swoon 33

Last night Jasmine was asked if she could have a playdate with the little girls next door. They all love each other. Jasmine was my mom’s dog, then a share between me and my brother, now she is all of ours. A family dog. The girls next door also consider Jasmine their dog, because you know, why not share. Jasmine loves being everyones dog… because she loves every single person and living thing.

Sadly no playdates can happen. Dogs can carry germs on their fur and we can take no chances with bringing this virus into our home. The girls mom is a nurse in Manhattan… one of those super human people now putting their lives on the line to save others…she completely understands our need to keep a distance. So no playdate.

Last night on my way home from my last dog walk of the evening, I saw my neighbors heading into their house. In normal times there would be chatting and some Jasmine loving, no more. I scooted home to find they had just dropped off Girl Scout cookies on our back steps, just because, swoon.

This morning “Jasmine” wrote the girls a note, explaining why she couldn’t play with them for a bit. The note and some art supplies were dropped at their back door. A little back and forth between neighbors, giving what we can. I foresee a lovely time of leaving notes, crafts, and goodness for these two little beings… something to look forward to… we need to create magic.

As I write this the girls are outside playing. Jasmine is barking, I know what she wants. I put her up on the table and she watches her friends play… wishing she could join them.

Jasmine watching her friends play… social distancing is sad for dogs too.

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2 thoughts on “Swapping Goodies

  1. Thanks so much, Kat. Sending love. Girls loved making cereal box dioramas with your book yesterday morning. Miss our Jazzy Jazz but we’ll play soon, hopefully! And thank you for the super human comment. Extremely grateful for my co-workers and for the work we are doing.


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