Acceptance: Swoon 34

My husband wrote a cute fb post the other day…
Greg’s legs: Hey, Greg. Greg: What’s up? Greg’s legs: A lot of joint pain down here.  Greg: Oh. Greg’s lungs: And shortness of breath up here. Greg: Um… Greg’s head: Headache. Runny nose.  Greg’s whole body: Fatigue! Such fatigue! Greg: Could it be… Greg’s whole body: No! You just took us on a long bike ride on a cold day after letting us atrophy for seven months.  Greg: But I thought… Greg’s whole body: You thought RAGBRAI was NOT four years ago? You thought 53 and 49 were basically the same age? Dumbass.  Greg’s ass: I’m fine, just a little sore, wait, what did you call me?

I took a long walk yesterday, came home with a slight headache and sore throat, a little sore in the legs… I am now thinking the symptoms were from allergies and taking a long walk, but I was nervous. I am always nervous. My poor mom coughs and I look at her, my eyes bugging out of my head… Katharine, I’m fine, it went down the wrong pipe. Greg sneezes and I look at him, my eyes bugging out of my head… Kat, people sneeze.

I need to relax. I think stress is doing more harm for me than COVID19. Relax girl.

Time to focus… work, getting together little goodies for my neighbors, checking in with my people, exercise, and turning off my COVID19 constant update. I need to continue to make dinners for the family, to play Hearts after dinner, to laugh, to play online social meet up games with my kids across the country. I need to keep attending church live on Sunday mornings, this morning we even had a coffee hour, I have never attended church in pjs before (I did have on lipstick, cause, you know, lipstick), it was delightful to see so many faces.

Friends and family are coping by doing their thing… some exercise, some create, some cook… I have two amazing friends who sew. They are making masks according to the medical guidelines. They will be donating them to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare workers. How beautiful is that. Helping. Swoon.

We can only do what we can do, I am taking all precautions for myself and for my family, so now I need to let this over stressing go. I will be what it will be, and I will accept that… at least for the next hour.

thank you Carrie Stephens Art and the counseling teacher… thank you.

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A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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