Connecting in Pandemicdom

Connecting in Pandemicdom: Swoon 35

We were a game family growing up…Monopoly (the little dog, be a slumlord), Hearts (get rid of one suit, but not spades), Clue (Miss Scarlet please, diagonal back and forth and listen very carefully to what others use as their base asks), Careers (go for even hearts and stars)…you name it. My brother and I played a lot of Spit… slapping the cards (and each others hands), screaming, laughing, on the floor in front of the fire, being. Back then, my sister was a lot older than us…today we are the same age…funny how that happens. Anyway, she was not as interested in games. The ONE time she asked me if I wanted to play a game it went like this. Allision: Kat, do you want to play a card game? Me: YES!! Allison: It’s called 52 pick up. She then threw the cards all over and said, Your turn, you pick up. Sigh, older siblings.

My husband grew up in Iowa with 5 kids in his family and over 150 first cousins (yes, you read that right), they too are a game family. There is always a deck of cards on the table and a stack of board games in the corner. Reunions mean packing the games you have recently discovered to share with everyone. It is glorious to see family ages 5-85 playing together… one of my favorite sights.

Games connect people.

We play Hearts each night after dinner these days, and it is super fun, but we are missing the laughing, yelling, interaction that comes with having a big group in the living room. Some are missing take out sushi, we are missing games with friends and family.

Our son majored in Interactive Arts and Game Design in college. Like others, he is now feeling the burn of our friend COVID19. Hoping to pay rent in a timely manor, he is thinking out of the box, asking…what do people need, what do you do when you can not have parties or be in groups? As an iGen or GenZ (or what ever they will be called) he misses his people. Humans need connections. Young people are less used to being in their own heads. So, after thinking about this he created a new business. You know… global pandemic…I guess I will create a business, make a website, play test, then get it out to the masses. Swoon.

I am pleased to share his website. I hope you will copy, paste, and share too…
Jacob can:
• Host your game night for family, friends, social groups, birthday parties, scouts, clubs.
• Be the Game Master for role-playing games (for both those who are familiar with games like DnD or newbies wanting to learn the ropes).
• All ages welcome… tell him what you are thinking and you can work it out together.

Why do you need a host… why not just play on your own?
Have you ever noticed that when you have an outsider for Thanksgiving dinner Uncle Joe behaves himself a bit? There is less fighting and everyone is at their best? That is why you need a host. Someone to arrange the meet up, someone to organize the information, someone to keep things in check. Jacob is an actor and does improv, he is entertaining, he is a storyteller. He has 12 younger cousins and has been engaging the troops since he was 5. He knows how to feel the pulse of a room and keep things going in the right direction.

Last night we got together with my brother’s family for a game night hosted by Jacob. We laughed, we yelled and we high fived the computer screen. Grandma watched a bit and got to see everyone having a blast. It. Was. So. Fun. Give it a shot. Think out of the box. Swoon.

Miss the link?

Learning to connect in a crazy world.

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