My Many Loves

My Many Loves: Swoon 42

My husband is a very decent man. He has never said, you should lose a few pounds, or why isn’t the house clean, he has no issue with apples and peanut butter for dinner. He hugs me after long workouts…when I don’t even want to be in my own skin..let alone touch it. He is supportive of my insane hours at work and my over volunteering. He lives with my crazy. Swoon.

I have fallen in love with three other men, right in front of my husband.

My water broke at 12:05am on my delivery day (my rule follower child). Since there was meconium in the water, labor was induced. Anyone who has had a Pitocin induced labor knows they are hard core. Normal labor has peaks of pain followed by valleys of recovery, my labor peaked and stayed there. Poor Greg, always the good student, he kept telling me don’t worry, it will stop soon… it did not stop. Greg was told to shut his mouth for the rest of the labor and stop telling me what was supposed to happen. The poor guy was quiet for hours, expressing worry through his eyes. Things were not moving along so I agreed to a port in my spine, I might need a c-section. Funny how things change while in labor, things you were sure would not happen, do happen, and my attitude was I only care about having a healthy baby. The anesthesiologist walked in, swoon…he was tall and blonde, he was kind…and he took away all of the pain. I was in love. My husband completely understood, “of course you love him, he is your drug dealer”.

I met the next love of my life after 17 hours of labor and an emergency c-section. Jacob was the second “man” I would ever fall in love with in front of my husband. Greg took it well, he was in love with him too. He even allowed me to bring this new love home. The anesthesiologist had to stay at the hospital, I never laid eyes on him again. Sigh. Love is fleeting.

Yesterday I feel in love with a third man while in my husband’s presence.

I spent the previous two days begging, pleading, writing online reviews, waiting on hold (listening to really bad music) for 8 hours and 43 minutes, trying trying trying to get my scheduled grocery delivery to actually be delivered. We needed food and we read that it is better to avoid stores if you share a home with someone over a certain age— no matter how spectacular, smart, energetic, and in shape they are (mom I know you are reading this). We had a choice, we could avoid stores, or avoid my mom…we choose to avoid stores.

After almost nine hours on hold I spoke with someone who said they would try and get me a shopper. I mentioned that if they succeeded there would be a great tip AND I would give them my place in heaven (if I even have a place). They did. My man Nick and I texted the whole time he shopped (is it ok if it is a three cheese cauliflower pizza instead of only mozzarella? Oh Nick, thank you for asking, sure, do what you can my sweet!). So young and adorable, a beautiful smile with age appropriate facial hair (info I know thanks to his profile pic). He delivered the groceries to the back steps as I watched through the window. Greg right beside me, allowing me to swoon over my new love, knowing we would never meet again.

I left my cutie some extra cash, gloves, hand sanitizer, and a mask… you have to take care of the ones you love.

Corona delivery care package.

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