Feeling Unswoonie

Feeling Unswoonie: Swoon 41

Seeing pictures of healthcare workers with bruise marks in the shape of masks was a wake up call for me. Bruises from the protective gear they tightly tape to their faces, using the same masks weeks at a time. Other pictures of health care workers wearing garbage bags, because there are not enough medical jumpsuits. Seeing social media posts requesting amateur handyman goggles, because doctors can not get the right eye gear. This in America. America? Healthcare workers sleeping in the basement of their homes, talking to their kids through glass doors, texting goodnight to their spouses…to protect their families from the germs we give them. They are working double and triple shifts, sleeping at the hospitals, just in case they are needed sooner than expected. I am in awe of them. I weep for them.

This morning I saw a picture of a woman in full on gear, unrecognizable except for her bright eyes, it accompanied a text to her daughter…baby, know mommy loves you, I am here helping people who need a lot of help, I love you very much.

I also saw an article (I think in the WP) about the the hard situation parents are in, because they can’t keep their teen and twenty-something kids from going out with friends. They can’t. I weep.

Two examples of humanity.

The doctor’s personal life is on hold, she is away from her family working crazy hours. She will potentially put herself and her family at great risk, to save the life of someone who could not stay home and video chat with friends. How does this make sense?

Please help me to understand this.

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