Finding Balance

Finding Balance

While in our twenties we threw pretty crazy Halloween parties. Having very artistic friends meant we needed to empty the living room of all furniture so that the huge sculptural costumes would fit. Costumes were often based on current events…one year there was a OJ Simpson Car Chase (helicopter hanging from a baseball cap, suv and cars glued to sweatshirt in chase formation), one year we had at least three sets of Keri Strug and Bela Karolyi, Keri carried in Bela’s arms for each entrance. One year my brother showed up covered in magnets, pictures of my family and post-its, he was my refrigerator, there was one to do list on his belly, and on that list was…

_ Bake Brownies for People Who Need Brownies

And that was the beginning of my religion. I was raised Protestant (think Little House on the Prairie roll up your sleeves and do good for others), I currently attend a traditional but “we meet you where you are” church that does a ton of mission work… but my religion is…Baking Brownies for People Who Need Brownies (BBFPWNB). It covers it all. If you do not have it, I would like to help you get it. Being a believer in this “religion” lead to 9 years as PTA President or Vice President…or both. It meant I was class mom for two children every single year except for one. It meant volunteering to the point of insanity while working full time. It is a really exhausting “religion” to practice.

I was on the phone the other day with the Pope of BBFPWNB. She has done all I have x 10, her to do lists exhaust me. She admitted that the idea of staying home was a bit frightening at first… how would she fill her time? She assumed she would lose her mind… until, until she didn’t. She enjoyed this new peace, she enjoyed having some solitude. She enjoyed her husband, no need for constant parties and plans, she really really enjoyed just being with her husband. I totally get it.

I miss hugging. I am sad about lost milestones and celebrations. I mourn not going to Fire Island and not knowing when I will see my son again hurts my soul… but I do not dislike this quieter life.

When this bit of insanity fades and a new normal exists…I plan to keep some of this newly acquired quiet in my life. It is a wonderful lesson learned.

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A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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