One Can Dream

One summer day, many moons ago, my son, one of his besties, and two of my nephews saved the earth from invading All Terrain Armored Transport combat walkers. I am not a Star Wars geek…I just did a google search for Star Wars big white walking things. I could not tell you who the good guys are…and have no clue if the walkers were helping or harming. The only thing I do know is…this adventure happened.

The photo (enhanced by my Photoshop guru husband) is solely for those in the non-believing world. To the four kids on the beach, it is unnecessary proof of something they already knew…they lived it.

My son was born with the ability to make believe with the best of the make believers. He spent much of his childhood battling pirates, knights, and the dark side. He created complex stories and songs before he could clearly communicate with others…he didn’t mind, he would happily hang out in his head for hours at a time. A beautiful place.

He and his buddy could let go of this world and embrace the fantastic landscapes in their minds…where imagined creatures were friends, always treated as equals. Even more impressive was their ability to introduce these magical worlds to the little guys…inviting them to a place that so few can go.

I am feeling down, I want to see my son. I wish I had the ability to meet him on Tatooine and get a drink at the Cantina*. Maybe we will do that this weekend. One can dream.

*I googled Star Wars bar with Princess Leia in the bikini (don’t go there, there is a lot of drama about that bikini)…I then tried Star Wars bar…that search worked.

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