Keeping Balanced

Life is getting back to normal, by normal I mean crazy hectic. Getting Fire Island ready for the renters, drinks with friends, lots of work, dessert nights, extended family dinners, movie nights in a neighbors yard, birthday celebrations, planning vacations, gatherings with co-workers, graduations and celebrations…I am not complaining. Ok, I’m on the verge of complaining.

BPL (before pandemic life) our family schedule used to be so full we didn’t have time to enjoy all of the goodness, it was almost a chore. DPL (during pandemic life) we had nothing, we savored the gift of time and quiet…but we longed for our people. Now that our calendars are filling up again I need to remember balance.

Balance is tough for me. I thought I learned it DPL but I am noticing I did not…I enjoyed it, but it clearly did not take hold. Over scheduling is back. We are once again juggling a lot of living…and at the moment it is still all good.

My new goal is to note when the resentment of having too much to do starts to sneak back in…and take a break before it makes me grumpy. In the meantime I will drink my bourbon, plate my lovely dessert towers, and keep the cheese drawer full and ready to go. I will smile til it hurts watching my husband run across the yard giving kids wheelbarrow rides…then laugh at the scene when the kids realize they can’t reciprocate. It isn’t often Greg is called “too too heavy”. We will welcome back neighbors who moved during the pandemic, and toast those that are leaving soon. We will party til we feel full and then we will stop and recover…and then we will start again.

Welcome back world, I missed you.

They could not make it budge…sheer joy.

Published by Kat

A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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