The Shed

It seems a simple enough ask. “Kat can you get me a hammer”. Nope. Finding a hammer at Fire Island might mean going to the kitchen to the tool bin, or going to the new tool shed between houses, or going to the newly named Annex, which used to be the shed. It’s confusing. Most of the time the hammer is on the floor near a recent project. We are not known for putting things back around here.

In the old days we had “the chemical shed” a snarky name given to the building pictured here. It was over 100 years old when we replaced it. Held up by paint and “Allison’s birthday roses” which grew through it…weaving in and out of the slats. It was the home of many generations of mice (and chemicals) and it was a hazard. The boys built the new shed, shelves, floor, hooks, and lock. It was gorgeous for a month. Now it is a less charming version of the old shed. Exteriors can be changed but we stay the same in the inside.

The charm of the old is slowly fading out here. New sheds, big TVs, ice makers. It happens slowly, especially for us, but it is happening. Family nights playing charades, sardines, or Monopoly are now spent going out or watching movies. Patching together miss matched sheet sets no more, we order online and ship them out. Cool air from the ocean breeze replaced with AC “you can’t rent without AC”. Less mosquitoes with closed windows…a win…I guess. It is a more convenient life, more comfortable…but sometimes I miss the challenge of it not being so easy.

New houses, huge houses, ridiculous beautiful enormous houses going up all over, our town is one of the last where you can still get property for “a deal”. Little beach shacks from 1900 being torn down, dismissed…all charm, no rentability.

The house is almost ready for the next group of renters. People who choose our cottage because it is not big or “done”. People who want family time and game nights, dinners outside after a day at the beach. We happily share our little bit of heaven with them. Hoping they enjoy the beauty of doing dishes together while chatting…because there is thankfully no dishwasher…yet.

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A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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