It happened!

I have the neck. The neck Diane Keaton hides wearing turtlenecks in July, the neck my mom “took care of” when she got her lift, the neck even my older sister (with a body better than many in their 20s) can not escape…the neck.

I was in a Zoom meeting the other day with some young ‘un techies. My computer screen was tilting up, rather than the ever flattering camera from above, and there it was…the neck. Being 5ft, not many people get to see my wrinkles in all their glory and most prepubescents really do not give a hoot about the necks of their pint-sized elders. This Zoom was like being thrown into a hall of mirrors, self awareness galore, there was no turning away or fixing “the situation”… girl you have the neck and it is front and center to all in this meeting…your age is showing.

To be fair and not be a Debbie Downer…I also noticed my clavicles were appearing a bit after years of being covered in layers of comfort, and that my shoulders were a bit more defined, I noticed my jawline was not so bad for a woman of my age. These are all rewards of a lot of hard work, and I am proud of the weight I have lost and the muscle I have gained. It is not easy and every day I keep up the hard work is a day I am proud.

I held my own in the meeting, admitting that I was not the person to make their animated gif but happy to provide the branding details and assets needed for them to do it on their own…I find being honest is a very good thing in the business world. The “kids” were appreciative of my willingness to let them do their thing and I appreciated them not having condescending attitudes towards their loose necked elder. Win win.

Aging with class, appreciating the minds of the young, respecting the beauty of collaboration between generations, and embracing my ever changing being are goals of mine. Each chapter has new surprises, I hope I can accept them gracefully.

So y’all…check out this chapters neck. Swoon.

Photo after some time at the beach, thus the hair…yes I wear sunscreen.

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A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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