Rainy Days and Sundays

I know the name of the song is Rainy Days and Mondays. I thought it was a catchy title…but it really makes no sense and is wrong in every way. I love rainy days and I especially love rainy days in the summer. They are a break, a catch up day, a day to be.

It has been the summer of doing…of life turned up to 11. I am loving it. Reunions, house improvements, weddings, cocktails, funerals, and concerts. Life.

Last week we went to a funeral for the mom of a bestie from childhood. One of those bittersweet situations…her mom was no longer in pain, but she would be very missed by her five kids. As we hugged my friend said, “I feel like an orphan.” Nobody can replace your mom. Mary’s mom was a woman who knew how to live. When you rang the bell she met you with a megawatt smile and a “why didn’t you just walk in”. There were two choices upon entrance…run up the winding stairs to Mary’s room and avoid her older brothers launching Jets trivia at you…or visit the kitchen for some goodness, where her mom was always cooking, reading, or hanging with a friend. I always wanted to take the kitchen option…but the idea of dealing with older brothers was so foreign to me, I ran up the stairs each time. I mourn the loss of Mrs. Gallagher, but also mourn the loss of that house. The house was always hopping and full of life.

Later that day we drove to Citi Field to see Green Day. A day in the life of a 55 year old…funeral in the morning and concert in the evening. Spectacular. After asking for directions numerous times, a tour of the bowels of the stadium, and the complete lack of knowledge of the seating system by employees, we were given the coveted red bands… access to the field section. Once we proved to the staff that we did not belong on the field…the guards would not allow us access to the steps to our correct seats. You can’t make this stuff up. So we accepted the gift…we sang, we jumped, and we danced for hours. Early on Billie Joe requested the crowd live the moment instead of watching it through lenses. Put your phones away, put your phones away and live…we have waited a year and a half to live. It was five hours of sweat, smiles, and life affirming goodness.

It is raining and we are in a tiny house at the beach…but I have my family together for a bit, I have them all to myself. This is bliss, even if we are a bit soggy. Swoon.

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A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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