Second Sleep

I bet you think I am going to swoon about second sleeps… which I am, but it is not what I am thankful for today.

I do love me a good second sleep. I am all in on the concept and the benefits. After living much of my life waking up at 3am to finish what needs to be done for the next morning, I looked into the concept of two sleeps…or second sleep. It is a real thing. Back in the day, people would go to bed earlier, no electricity, Netfix, or cell phone solitaire…then wake up in the middle of the night for a bit. They would stoke the fire, knead the morning bread, maybe do a little stoking and kneading with their bedmate…then a quick second sleep before starting the official day. Seems pretty efficient to me!

I took a second sleep today after much middle of the night catching up with the NYT and Washington Post, and woke up to the sound of the recycling truck. Oh no. Not only did I assume I would put out the recycling this morning…I also assumed I would have done all of my morning chores an hour ago. I over slept. Able to quickly get dressed and open the door for my little man (while brushing my teeth) it all worked out. We walked the dog, threw our neighbors newspaper on their porch, and fed the cats together. It was nice to have a little partner in my morning routine.

To the point. I completely adore the very loud recycling truck that saved my butt this morning. I also applaud the weekly garbage, bulk, yard clippings, cardboard, and recycling pick ups provided…they are a privilege and a gift. We leave stuff on the curb at night, it is gone in the morning. Big strong DPW elves make it happen…hanging off trucks, jumping to the curb, dumping, then throwing the containers as they take off to the next spot. No matter how rushed they are, always taking the time to smile and chat up my little morning guys. Swoon.

I am thankful for the Pleasantville Department of Public Works team…they are the salt of the earth…and a great alarm clock!

I took this picture yesterday because I was thankful they took my absurd amount of boxes…who knew they would be an alarm clock today

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2 thoughts on “Second Sleep

  1. I am also rushing to put out stuff before they come. So far we’re thankful that they haven’t missed a pick up even though so many DOS arent working because they refuse to get the vaccine.

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