Gentle Reminders

When my kids were in their late teens, I used to send them memes to start their day. Little bits of goodness reminding them to blah blah blah and not for forget to blah blah blah. Since crisp and clear words leaving my mouth entered their brains as Peanuts gang adult gibberish, why not send pictures?

Completely coming clean here…I had no idea they had a name, I called them my happy pictures, my morning goodness, my captures. One day Jacob mentioned a meme and I asked what he was talking about, in a completely exhausted tone he said, Mom, you send them to us a few times a day? Ahhh, so I did. I thought giving my visual oriented people pictures instead of words might break through that wall of annoyance that surrounded them…and sometimes it did. A little heart might appear on the upper corner of the text, or a cute, or a Ha...and on really really good days I might get an I love you Mama. If I am to be honest, 95% went with no response or acknowledgment. Crickets.

I rarely send memes to my people anymore but I still love them. I am not interested in Pam and Jim from The Office dancing, or David from Schitt’s Creek telling me to fold in the cheese. I like “nice memes” ones reminding me to be a better person, to appreciate my day, or reminding me to like myself. I am always open for some good advice and some growth, so when I saw this image on my FB feed…I knew that today, I would be thankful for memes.

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A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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