A Higher Power

Today on FB someone asked the following question… Do atheists and agnostics have a “Higher Power”? For example, when your child is very sick and you say in your head “Please help her get well”, who are you talking to?

I love that question. I love it because it made me think about what I really believe. My response…

As one who was brought up in a wonderful caring church and who attends another to this day, I have faith. I believe in a higher power, an energy that is always around us. I believe in sending vibes, prayers, wishes, to that energy. I believe that energy focuses on the good in people and is not punitive or spiteful. I don’t believe a person who dies of cancer is less deserving to live than  a person who is cured… and I certainly don’t believe any higher power picks and chooses who lives. I believe kind and generous behavior feeds on itself…and creates a positive energy that all can feel. I don’t have a name for my higher power, I don’t think it’s male or female, has human form, or is something anyone can describe. It just is. I also have no issue with people who want to gain strength from the higher power of their choice…as long as it promotes love, acceptance, kindness, understanding, and non judgmental behaviors…all that stuff people are supposed to learn in their religious teachings. Thanks for making me think about this today…you might just end up a Swoon.

And so it did…I am thankful for people who make me think and I am happy there are so many ways of believing.

Published by Kat

A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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