Rocketships and houses. Campers and boats. Magical props to cut friends in half. A big box was a blank canvas, a ticket to a fun-filled day. Opening our imaginations to ideas yet discovered.

When I was a kid boxes were kind of special…they did not just arrive on doorsteps everyday. We went to the supermarket, hardware store, or local variety store to save boxes before they were broken down for dumpsters. Nobody would ever think of buying a box to pack items for a move…we collected for weeks. A new refrigerator or stove box was like gold…they were painted, markered, cut, and taped. They lived in the living room for months, to finally be retired to the attic. Once in the attic they became sleds…carrying screaming kids down the steep attic stairs to the center hall. As I have mentioned before. It is a miracle we are alive.

This morning I noticed a huge box on our front steps. Steps we never use. Steps that have a sign on them saying “Please do not leave any boxes here, please deliver to the door up the driveway.” This sign is regularly ignored. I give this delivery person props for taking the sign and laying it face down on the steps. Sign? What sign? Anyway, I carried the box inside confused about what on earth could be so big and so light. Did I order thirty Thanksgiving boas? Ahhh canvases for a project my guy is doing with some students. Phew, we will not be molting fuchsia feathers over our turkey and stuffing.

The box, so big, so great…the first thing Greg said was “great box, maybe Dillon would like a rocket ship”. Dillon definitely wanted a rocket ship. And so we were back to that part of our lives…steak knife in and out…zip zip zip…that carving noise only made with cheap knives and cardboard. Anticipation. Greg, what are you doing, Greg what is a porthole, Greg can I get in, Greg, can you make another porthole, Greg can I bring Jasmine in? Swoon. There is nothing better than a kid and a box.

Today I am thankful for boxes…for the joy they brought me and my brother as kids…for the burst of flashbacks to our own kids I had while watching Greg play with the little guy today…for the supplies they bring me that make my life easier. Thankful.

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A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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