Good morning world… this month has been an explosion of people from all over reading my Swoons. To say I am overwhelmed and humbled is an understatement. Shouts out to my new found friends in Romania, Austria, Bahrain, and Ecuador. Thank you for returning again and again to all the others. Seeing your countries fill in my map of readers is a joy. I treasure you.

Treasures. Are they the people in your life or the strangers who like to hear your random wacky thoughts? Are they objects from your past or a shiny new engagement ring? Are they moments spent with loved ones, or a peaceful walk by the river? Treasures.

One of my treasures is my PvilleLadies text thread. It explodes on a regular basis, a tidbit of information ends up with 342 replies, little hearts, exclamation points, and thumbs up emojis. The Carol of the Bells…ding ding ding…a visual and auditory hug reminding me I am a lucky lady.

Today a picture popped up. A cute little stool. I assumed it was from the queen of Etsy in our group…but I was wrong. My friend had just spent weeks helping her dad clean out her childhood home. A huge task, one that takes much patience, and as a former Kindergarten teacher who looks and speaks like Snow White, she was the perfect person for the job. Carefully emptying the attic of a lifetime of treasures, getting approval on the keeps or the gives...she was finally done. Ever the teacher at heart, she decided to check her work one more time and returned to the attic. She went into a cedar closet, and in the back was a door leading to another closet in the eaves. Growing up we used to call these “the closets in the closet” and they were the BEST hide-n-seek spots. Anyway, she opens the door…and there is her mommies vanity chair, which had become her vanity chair growing up…just waiting to be found. Her mom had re-covered it in a green and white gingham to match the curtains and bedspread that her mom also had sewn. What a treasure of love…and to add icing to this perfect cake…she was able to get a new gingham cushion at Target.


I am so thankful for stories like this that pop up and make my day brighter…and for the friends that know I cherish hearing them. Sharing bits of goodness is such a kind gesture. We all win.

Have a great day.

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A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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