The Effort

Effort…the thing that makes or breaks you.

Having the most… whether it is talent, athletic ability, intelligence, social skills…means nothing…if you don’t nurture it. Having a ton of family or friends means nothing if you never take the time to be with them.

It was such a lovely day today…a gift. We had a visit from my cousin’s child…more like my cousin’s man, I am not sure you can still be called a child at 32. We had met maybe 3 times before, a stranger. He reached out when he heard my mom had moved in, wanting to introduce his wife and daughter to his grandpa’s little sister. All the connections so confusing, we are family. Today, after two years of pandemic delays…my mom was finally able to meet her great great grandniece.

There is something about little kids that brings out the best in people. We sat around eating delicious vegan delicacies and fruit salad, cup after cup of coffee and tea, we watched and enjoyed the KiKi show. She danced, jumped, rolled around on the floor doing yoga with my mom, drew, sang, built with Duplos, and she told jokes…she entertained 6 adults for hours. I remember being at Fire Island with baby Jacob, the first baby in the family. We used to sit and watch him discover the world…and there was nothing better.

I would like to think I would have reached out to my elderly relatives if I had ever been in the situation to do so. I am not sure I would have thought of it though. I am so impressed that my cousin’s son did…what do you call your cousin’s son anyway? I am realizing this thought sounds like I am calling my mom elderly…mom, you are not elderly, other people who are 84 definitely are…but not you.

Family. I watched the movie Spencer yesterday, talk about a cold bunch. The director called the royal family “the wallpaper”. Perfection, they were proper and flat, no emotion, no energy, and completely confused by Diana’s ability to feel her feels. Today, watching the little spark plug dance around the room, we cheered, we clapped, we appreciated her free spirit, it was joyful.

I am so so so thankful for my cousin who raised a beautiful and giving son, who with his wonderful wife is raising an amazing little girl. I am thankful for all of them…but especially for the effort that was made to get us all together when it is so much easier to put it off for another day.

Making an effort counts, and I am thankful they did.

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A mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer. I am flawed... but I try.

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