Countdown to Thanksgiving…a repeat thankful post previously on FB with a few added sprinkles.
I am thankful for my brother and sister. We are brilliantly different and we don’t all interact often…we but when push comes to shove we are like the Avengers and use our individual talents to take on any issue. Super powers are so much stronger when combined. Fire Island, Key West, 140 Hollywood, the Club/Dock, Bohjalians, Drewes, and Muenches…the three of us are the only ones who get it…I adore that we had those experiences together. I am thankful for my new siblings…talking, cooking, working, celebrating, adoring, and parenting with you makes my life so full and joyful. I am thankful for the siblings I created. May you always love each other enough to be patient and kind, you two are a dynamic duo when you choose to be.
I am thankful for siblings.

Fire Island 1975?

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