Choice… (nothing to do with uteri)

I am a huge believer in choice. This is in no way a political post. This is about creating your own happy. Our choices are what make our lives bearable. We can choose to look on the bright side or we can focus on the gloom. It really comes down to that.

Many moons ago, I had a newborn and I was miserable. I was working full time, I wanted to be with my baby, life was not fair. We had a sitter two days a week so Greg could get some illustrating done without interruptions. Maria was amazing, she watched baby Jacob, taught me to make baby food, she straightened the apartment and did laundry while he slept…she never stopped moving. She was so lucky, she got to spend time with my baby. One day she told us she was “taking his whites”, this meant she was taking his bitty onsies home with her to wash and layout on her grassy patch in Brooklyn…so the sun would bleach out the stains. She was thrilled to take our laundry to another borough. Everything made her happy. Maria was away from her kids too…working…but she was not bitter…she was a beam of sunshine and wisdom. Maria made the choice to live a happy life.

The pandemic is still interrupting celebrating birthdays with my group of Pleasantville besties, what used to be dinners out, backyard drinkfests, and big birthdays away on wine tours or relaxing in a cabin… are now Zooms. Some have moved, some have underlying issues that we want to respect. We want everyone safe, so we Zoom. What we do not do is moan about it! Last night we had a blast, we did a beer flight bash with everyone doing their tastings while eating warm fresh pub pretzels. It. Was. Joyous. No I wish, too bad, if only…just fun and love…and happiness. One activity was to find a quote or song for the birthday girls. For the friend who always seems to find some goodness in difficult situations I found…

“If the storm forgets to bring the rainbow…paint your own!”

May we all paint beautiful rainbows each and every day, after all, it is our choice to do so.

Thanks to SOUL Brewing Co. in Pleasantville NY for the beer education cheat sheet and beer bundles. We all had different favorites, cause ya know, it’s all about choice. Beer flight glasses and rating sheet from the online sales giant who shall not be named, numbers on recyclable glasses painted on with paint markers. Go for it, it was super fun.

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