Pop Culture University

Pop Culture University: Swoon 43 Do you remember Dynamite Magazine? Oh my gosh, that either glorious or horrendous day in elementary school when Scholastic books were distributed. Like watching Christmas happen for the rest of the family, pretending you did not want any presents anyway. Scholastic book day illustrated the economic class system… there wereContinue reading “Pop Culture University”

Feeling Unswoonie

Feeling Unswoonie: Swoon 41 Seeing pictures of healthcare workers with bruise marks in the shape of masks was a wake up call for me. Bruises from the protective gear they tightly tape to their faces, using the same masks weeks at a time. Other pictures of health care workers wearing garbage bags, because there areContinue reading “Feeling Unswoonie”

Undies on the Outside

Undies on the Outside: Swoon 38 When my kids were little every day was dress up day. They were Muppets and superheroes, they were brides, princesses, ninjas, cowgirls, Star Wars characters, and pirates… Every. Single. Day. One house rule was when dressing as Superman, if we were leaving the apartment, one must wear the redContinue reading “Undies on the Outside”

Connecting in Pandemicdom

Connecting in Pandemicdom: Swoon 35 We were a game family growing up…Monopoly (the little dog, be a slumlord), Hearts (get rid of one suit, but not spades), Clue (Miss Scarlet please, diagonal back and forth and listen very carefully to what others use as their base asks), Careers (go for even hearts and stars)…you nameContinue reading “Connecting in Pandemicdom”