Twenty six years ago this kid came into our lives. Sigh. He was a surprise, the best surprise we ever received. I am not sure we would have ever been “ready” to have a kid. I was not even ready to have the stray cat we found on the street let alone a human. I’m so very glad he chose us as his parents. Sigh.

Celebrating birthdays has always been a big thing in our house, parties with friends, celebrations with family, morning special breakfasts, and pick what you want for dinner. It is weird once your “kids” are adults. They have their own special people, their friends, their way of creating the birthday they want. Sigh.

Every morning leading up to his birthday social media memories pop up, baby pictures, thoughts about how much I adore my kids, forecasts on the future, looking back at the past. I was going through pictures the other day so that I can post an assortment of goodness tomorrow on my guy’s birthday. I could not find the right picture.

Twenty six. It used to be just another year, no milestones…it was no ten, becoming a double digit, or 13 when they officially became teenagers. There is nothing sweet about it like sweet 16 or scary like 18 when they can go to war. There are no “first drink” celebrations like 21 or quarter of a century festivities like at 25. It was just 26.

Tomorrow is hitting me like a brick. Tomorrow he is truly on his own, he is… officially off of our insurance. Oh, he has had his own insurance for the last two years, but he has had us as a safety net. Safety net no more…he is 26.

This picture popped up in our daily group Wordle text this am. It is my son’s new family, his Ella, his Opa, and his Luna…his ladies. It made me weep. They are not dressed to the nines or posing to perfection…but they are four beings that are 100% content. That is the best gift a mommy can receive on her birthing eve.

This morning I saw an FB ask for a date night babysitter. I responded because I miss being a mom. I miss reading to kids, playing games, and giving cuddles to little bits right after their tubbies. Between my morning little guy and a few week night babysitting gigs I should have my fix…and that is just delicious. I just received a message asking if I am free to babysit this weekend, and I was thrilled to be able to say I am so sorry, I can’t…my son is flying home for his birthday tomorrow.


Ella, Luna, Jacob, and Europa (Opa). I can hear the purring.

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