Family Fun Myers-Briggs Style

The ability to hear the voices of people you love as the soundtrack of daily living is underrated. Making breakfast for a crowd is my everything. Heaven on earth is sitting in the back seat of the car between my kids, arms overlapping, thighs touching, and the sound of snoring beside me. How sweet to have my “kid” warn out from a trip to the zoo…a blast from the past. Truth is, he was actually warn out from the previous night at a sake bar in Brooklyn…but this mom can think what she chooses.

Our weekend was one of nostalgia. Birthday dinner…pizzas from two local parlors…reliving some childhood goodness. Games and more games. Thank you mother nature for the snow, it allowed for cozy time in front of the fire, the best gift. No Broadway shows this time, instead we did the Bronx Zoo…on a freezing cold March morning…proof of parental love. Somehow over the years the zoo has shrunk, we used to walk for miles, not covering it all, yesterday we did it in 4 hours. It is amazing how fast you can travel when you don’t have to push a 90 pound double stroller or walk the same speed as people with very little legs. We watched tree kangaroos get comfy, bears squabble, and picked our favorite animals…mine was an odd giraffe who licked the wall, no leaves for him, he was a wall licker. To each his own.

A few weeks ago I was feeling a bit like an odd duck…or a wall-licking giraffe…so for some reason I decided to take the Myers-Briggs Test. I immediately felt better. My “personality” is the rarest one, no wonder I feel alone sometimes. I mentioned this to my people and that led to both Greg and Olivia taking the test. It seems my Olivia’s personality mates are at both ends of the spectrum, Tom Hanks or The Joker…she is a debater, she stirs the pot, and has a great sense of humor. I am an advocate, the planner who wants everyone taking care of, and everything in its place…Mother Teresa and Lady Gaga…I am wondering how Mother Teresa would feel about that one. Greg the creative, the mediator, the dreamer…Tolkien, Shakespeare, and Bjork.

Over dinner we told Jacob our personality buddies, and out came his phone. He took the test twice because he believed his answers could go a bit differently depending on his mood. The first time he matched mine, perfectly. The second time he matched his dad’s, perfectly…and right there were our family dynamics. I was the organizer, the caretaker. Greg the creative, the go with the flow, the dreamer. Olivia the independent thinker, the explorer, the devil’s advocate. Jacob matched both his dad and myself. It all made sense. There are times when Olivia and I are oil and vinegar, we just do not mix, then there are times when we are literally perfect together, the best salad dressing ever. She has the same sense of humor as her dad and he doesn’t take her debates personally. Jacob can go with Greg to far off la la lands, then the next minute help me organize the family vacation, he is always the mediator. When family dynamics can be introduced via science, they become so easy to manage. Another gift.

We use our together time for big discussions…what does global warming mean for the house at Fire Island…what are our “must” rides for our upcoming trip to Disney World (yes, we are Disney people, haters gonna hate but we love it)…why a medical release allowing your girlfriend to make medical decisions is important, especially when you live across the country from your family…do you know where all of the passwords are in case something happens to us. Jacob dutifully replied…yes, yes I know where all the important stuff is. I even know where dad’s important things are. I was confused. I deal with all of the important papers, the passwords, the jewelry, what on earth was he hiding, did he have secret family that needed support if he died? The look of confusion on my face must have been clear. Greg piped in, it’s true, he does…he knows where my secret Pop-Tart collection is.

Science proven again, the one with her feet firmly planted on the ground deals with important papers…the dreamer has a secret Pop-Tart stash…a perfect team.


Wall licking giraffe.

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