These Two

It’s been twenty months since these two have occupied their childhood home together. It is different. Grandma lives here now. The house is blue. There is different furniture. He walks around picking up things and asking where they are from. Things change in twenty months. There are two options: go back to the way itContinue reading “These Two”

The Other

The Other Taking a risk here, I expect backlash because that is how it goes these days. We forget that we all have experiences that are valid, we all have opinions. If you don’t like mine, feel free to create a blog, I will read it and respect your willingness to be exposed and trueContinue reading “The Other”

The Bell is Ringing

The Bell is Ringing: Swoon 40 I loved Little House on the Prairie. I was a Half-Pint wannabe. I had no time for Mary, she had the gorgeous blonde hair, perfect blue eyes, and tall lean figure. Mary was smart, beautiful, and always seemed to make the right decision. Nope. I wanted to be Half-Pint,Continue reading “The Bell is Ringing”